For Aqua Waves of Grain

After a two month break for the holidays, my church school class which composes of eight boys could not remember my name. As they are seventh grade boys and I am sure I am part of a not-so-favorite part of their days, I tried not to let my feelings be hurt. I wanted them to remember on their own, so I tried giving them hints.

I told them my name begins with an A. They began guessing and guessed every A name I have ever heard except my own. I then added that my name is a color. They all thought for a moment before one yelled, “AQUA!” My response, “My parents weren’t hippies, so no.” I told them it was part of “America the Beautiful” and you could see them singing the song to themselves. Finally, one boy guessed correctly. Then there was a large argument over whether AMBER really is a color or not.

After we moved on to more important things, we went on a slight tangent and began telling bad, pun-ny jokes. My favorite, which I had not heard before, was WHEN IS A DOOR NOT A DOOR? WHEN IT’S AJAR. Get it? lol. Unfortunately, I had to spend the next few minutes attempting to explain this to the one boy who did not get it. He did not know that a cracked door is AJAR which is like A JAR…He never did get it. I had to tell them to drop it so we could get back to more important matters.

Oh, these boys. They are crazy, but I love them.

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