YCN #4

When we have the time to try an experiment from Pinterest, occasionally we find that what we have been promised is not exactly what will be.

I have extremely straight hair and have tried many things over the years to remedy this. My hair will not hold curls, it will not even hold a perm. I found a suggestion on Pinterest to get gorgeous, “beach waves” in your hair. The steps were easy. It did not require a curler or hot rollers. I thought I was in business.

The directions were foolproof. I was to section my hair into 5-10 groupings and then braid them. Then I was to run a flatiron over them, let them cool, hairspray them, and take them out. Simple, right? Apparently not. My only guess it that I must have cinched the braids too tightly.

After the braids were taken out, my hair looked like it had lost a fight with a crimping iron. This was not okay. I attempted to comb it out, but this only made the matter worse. I then looked like a lioness with a crazy mane. I did not have time to do anything else with my hair before I went out, so I had to put it up in a severe bun in order to hide the mess I had made of my hair.

I learned an important lesson that day: DO NOT experiment with Pinterest ideas, especially beauty tips, right before leaving the house. It should be done on a day when there is plenty of time before you have to see another individual just incase it is a complete FAIL.

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