Rant. Sorry.

Today I feel like a terrible human being. I try my best to make it to church every weekend, but sickness and being nine months pregnant and uncomfortable are fine reasons not to go (and why I have been a little lax lately). But today, I have no such excuse and I feel so terrible and out of control that I actually cannot think about what I want to do with the rest of my day because I feel so bad.

Our current houseguest thinks nothing of others before he acts. Most weekend days, he does not surface before noon yet for the past two Sundays, he has gotten up earlier than his usual and steps right into the shower without asking if it would be okay for him to do so. There are two other adults and two children in this house who require those facilities in order to make it to church on time. Last weekend, I took a cold shower and CJ went without so we could make it. Today, since I am already miserable with where baby is sitting, I refused to take a cold shower. Yet here I sit, seven minutes after mass has started, feeling awful and selfish even because I am not where I should be.

This is so unfair. I keep telling myself I should not be feeling this way. It is not my fault our houseguest is inconsiderate, but…

And the worst part is, if he were showering because he had places to be or things to do, I would be more understanding of him not taking us into account, but this is not the case. He showers, then goes back to his room to play video games or goodness knows what for the next three or so hours. Like really? You have to be clean for that?

End rant…..

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