My Broken Baby

MJ is not a complainer. He is the definition of “no muss, no fuss.” He’s a Bumble and as we all know, bumbles bounce. So when he fell off the slide yesterday afternoon, CJ and I knew something was wrong.

MJ normally jumps right up after a fall and keeps going. This time, he did not. I was in the house with EM when CJ carried MJ in, balling. He never acts like that. I got ice, we got MJ calmed down, and he fell asleep for a little bit. We decided that based upon MJ’s behavior when he woke up is whether or not we would take him to the hospital.

When MJ woke up screaming and grabbing his leg, we knew without a doubt that something was wrong. CJ took him to the local emergency room while I took care of the girls. They were gone for hours and when they finally came home, my beautiful boy had a temporary cast on his leg, all the way up to his mid-thigh. He sees a pediatric orthopedic doctor tomorrow for his long-term cast.

The poor baby is having a difficult time sleeping. He twitches sometimes in his sleep and the movement jostles his leg, making him wake up crying in pain. We were only told to give him over the counter medication for pain management and it doesn’t seem to be enough since he cannot take a decent length nap.

I feel so awful for him. MJ is so active and to see him confined to one spot on the sofa is difficult. He gets frustrated because he can’t even take himself to the bathroom. And he just needs sleep.

Catching what little sleep he can.

Catching what little sleep he can.

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