Russian Cinema Attempt #2

For my second foray into Russian cinema, I watched Dubrovskiy. Apparently it is based on a novel, but I had never read it or heard of it. Once again I found a version with subtitles and went for it.

Just like My Iz Budushchego, the exposition was quite confusing with the jumps between story lines. I felt like parts of the romantic plot were really forced. This made them awkward and borderline creepy.

After a certain point, I forgot to look at the cinematic aspects of the film since I had finally gotten interested in the plot. And then I was severely disappointed. At the end, I resolved to never read this novel as the adults acted like children and Vladimir proved to just be a TERRIBLE person.

I am very interested in watching more, but I feel like it is difficult to find the ones I want to watch, at least with subtitles; which at this point in my Russian study, is still necessary. But I will persevere.

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