Bright Spot

Do you ever have one of those days where you receive a compliment – be it small or insignificant – that is so nice it changes your outlook on the rest of your day? I got one of those today. It was completely unexpected, but had me smiling the whole way home this morning. Even with this being day three of Q being sick couldn’t tarnish my mood.

Why can’t every day be this way?

I feel that as we hit those awkward, bumbling years between 20 and 40, we stop taking the time to compliment each other. Well, guess what? This is when we need it most. No one knows what they’re doing; we’re all just trying our best. But the more we can reassure each other that we don’t suck as much as we think we do, the better off we’ll be.

If just these few words I heard this morning were enough to turn my day around, I can’t imagine what kind of outlook on life we would all have if we were surrounded by encouragement more often.

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