Hats Heal Hearts

The past month and one half have been pretty rough around here. While we are experiencing some of our own problems, it seems like others want to make their drama ours as well. I fear I am getting to that place where I once again am willing to admit I am too old for something. And I am far too old for the amount of drama that I have been surrounded by lately. I am tired of feeling used and being taking advantage of.

So even though I planned on doing this blog today to talk about all these things, this post unexpectedly became a lot brighter after I checked the mail.

A while ago, I wrote a letter to my best friend in an attempt to make her feel just a little better after a loss. Today, I noticed a package in the mail and assumed the cousin who is staying with us ordered something. Again. But for once, it was for me! Not only did my girlfriend return the letter, she also sent me one of her amazing hats she has been crocheting.

So here I sit, with a toasty warm head, in a much better place than I have been in in months. Her handwriting is still the same. Her spelling is still horrible. And just like always, she’s able to make me feel loved.

I miss her so much sometimes that it physically hurts, but times like these, just knowing that we are still there for each other no matter what, make me think I can do anything. Especially with this awesome hat on.  🙂


Messy bun hat!!


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