My Furnace Blows

I know, I know. I post a schedule and the very next week I don’t follow it.

In my defense, when we got home from preschool on Monday, the air in the house was cloudy. CJ and I spent the evening trying to figure out what was going on and trying to do some cleaning because many things in the house looked dirty all the sudden. Tuesday, we were all sick-y, so while the boys spent their days at work and school, the girls and I went to my sister’s house to get out of the cloud that was still in our house.

While we were gone, we opened up windows to air things out, but it being winter and all, it got super cold in the house. CJ called around and found a heating and cooling place that said they would come out Tuesday night between 8p and 11p. Around 10:30p, they called to explain they could no longer send someone out because the oil furnace technician was unavailable. Glad we had stayed up late for that.

The heating company did come the next day, but as we had the furnace off as to not blow more soot into the house, the girls and I were freezing. And it’s not like I could go anywhere else when I had to be there to let the man in and to pay him. We were all in multiple layers, as it was about 52 degrees in the house, and were snuggled under blankets.

As seems to be the case, the first thing recommended to me was to finance a new furnace. LOL. I opted for the clean up and repair. The furnace was fine; it just needed some love. The technician even ended up being impressed with the beast by the time he left.

So…does this craziness excuse me? It should. The soot was everywhere. When we went to my sister’s, we looked like street urchins. The shampoo I used turned black. When I bathed the girls, I had to drain the water halfway through, refill the tub, and wash them again. Even laundry had to be rewashed because the machines are in the basement, right next to the furnace.

But now, all is well and here I am to deliver my (albeit late) update. Hopefully there will be no more big ticket issues for a while and the furnace will continue to only blow hot air.

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