Just a Few More Weeks

Tomorrow marks four months that CJ and I have been staying with my grandparents. We love them dearly, but we are more than ready for our “visit” to be over.

CJ and I were supposed to be buying a house. We were in the final proceedings, and had a closing date. We gave our landlord our notice and started putting everything in boxes. About a week before we had to be out, we were informed that the woman we were buying from had decided to back out of the sale. Not having anywhere else to go since we had to be out of the apartment, we moved into my grandparents’ house.

The old, six bedroom farm house had more than enough beds for us to sleep in, but as nothing of ours has a real “home” within the house, our area upstairs is disheveled to say the least. MJ’s toys always seem to be in every room and constantly underfoot.

A few days into being at the farmhouse, our realtor took us to see a few more houses. The first house- well it was love at first sight. We visited the others, as we had an obligation to do so, but we put in an offer on that first house the very next day.

We were told that there was another offer on the house that had been accepted, but the sellers preferred our offer. What the sellers did was tell the other potential buyers that they had to remove the contingency of selling their current home before the sale. We were told they did not turn in their paperwork; that the house was ours. We paid for an inspection on the house. We were told the paperwork was found and they could remove the contingency, so the house was theirs. We were told they could not prove the availability of funds; the house was ours. We scraped and painted the outside of the house for FHA approval. We were told the proper paperwork had not been properly filed; the house was theirs. We were told the other buyers were sick of the back and forth so the were officially backing out; the house was ours.

The house really was ours this time, but our loan officer at the time seemed to think we did not deserve the property. She handed papers in late, requested forms one at a time, and asked for things she just did not need. By the time we realized she was giving us the runaround, we were closing in on all our dates and were facing the very real possibility of losing the house- again.

We found another loan officer in the same bank and he has been most helpful. He said that all the paperwork that was needed, we had already completed. The sellers were contacted and new dates were set. CJ and I have no doubt in our minds that if it were not for the fact that the sellers know my grandparents, they would have backed out on the sale and not given us the extra time.

Now that we know the house is in the very near future, we cannot help but to be excited that our four month ordeal is almost at an end. Of course, I am not referring to the delightful company of my grandparents, but I could survive a little less teasing in my life.

My grandfather is part of a poker club and one of the Mondays “the boys” were here, CJ and I were in one of the upstairs bedrooms that we used as a sitting room. CJ jumped on the bed in there and it broke. Loudly. I rushed downstairs to inform my grandmother of what happened since I know how they think. It did not matter. It still does not matter. My grandparents “know” what happened and the poker boys, well they think my husband is The Man.

For weeks now, the types of jokes you are thinking are exactly the types I have had to deal with because of course, my grandmother had to inform EVERYONE about what we “did.” Good thing I have a good sense of humor.

Wednesday, CJ is supposed to get our move-in date from the “powers that be.” First time home buying, we were told, is meant to be a joyous experience. After the emotional roller coaster we have been on, we are just more than ready for this to be over. As I have been telling myself for about a month, “Just a few more weeks.”

We are looking forward to 2013 for being in our new home (finally), for MJ’s first birthday, and for another year of health, family, and friends.

Happy New Year!

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