So, no post yesterday. Do I have an excuse? Sure…just not a very good one. I just figured my day yesterday did not amount to much and I did not want to sound whiney.

I received a phone call a few days ago from Zales that my ring from my parents had been fixed. This was the real reason that we stopped at the mall yesterday.

While we were there, we decided a nice stroll would be good for us. MJ loves people watching in his stroller; he laughs and yells at the people walking by. On impulse, we walked into Burlington Coat Factory because we have found some great priced things in there before.

MJ is getting too long for his rear-facing car seat, so we went back to the baby department to see what they had. There was not a single car seat there for under $100. We ended up spending $170 on his new car seat. He better keep it pristine! It is crazy to think about how much it costs to buy anything baby related. With how quickly they outgrow things, sometimes I feel as if I am just throwing my money away.

There; that was it. That was my whiney moment from yesterday that I thought I would keep to myself. Today was not very exciting though so I was hoping a combined effort would make my post a bit longer.

Today, MJ got to ride in his new car seat for the first time. He laughed and clapped the entire car ride. I am assuming this means we picked out a good one 🙂 After this ride, he got to play with his cousins for a bit. Whenever I arrive at my sister’s house, I swear her children are always in some state of undress. When I arrived today, the oldest one, D, (she is almost four) looked so pretty. She had dressed herself I was told and was wearing black leggings with a pink and white striped top. I snatched her up and told her, “D, you look so pretty today. Aunt Amber cannot believe how grown up you look.” She acted all shy and gave me some extra hugs. I still cannot believe how much of a difference her outfit made considering my sister normally lets D run around in her underwear all day.

The rest of my day was rather uneventful. The volunteer I worked with today lent me a book, Half the Sky and I am really enjoying it so far. I will share how I feel about it when it is finished.

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