Thanksgiving “dinner”

While at home, it is hard to remember that I am a picky eater; I simply make meals that I know I will eat. Occasionally, I make things for CJ and MJ that I know I will not eat, but it is easy enough to make a little something on the side for me.

Yesterday, at CJ’s family Thanksgiving dinner, I was reminded of how picky I am and was beyond embarrassed about it. As dishes were passed around the table, I handed one after the other to people on either side of me. At the end of the passing, I only had turkey and a dinner roll on my plate. I quickly realized that my family’s staples of mashed potatoes and corn were not going to be made available to me and that the things I saw before me were all there was to be had.

My mother-in-law sat beside me and I felt as if her eyes were fixed upon my empty plate. I am so glad that CJ did not bring any extra attention to my predicament. I do not know the last time I was so embarrassed and I do not think I could have handled it if he had tried to tease me about it at the time.

Maybe I was not quite as over being picky as I thought…

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