The “Hole”

My mother has always referred to my father’s side of their bed as “the hole.” This is where he dresses/undresses and there has always been a decent amount of clothing littering the floor in this area. I love CJ, but after having him home for five days in a row for the holiday, he has turned my house into his “hole.”

This morning I found his clothing on the kitchen table, kitchen counter, dining room table, living room sofa, foyer bench, and in the bathroom. I was not even aware that he wore that many different outfits while he was home. Joining his clothes in some of these areas were MJ’s clothes. Wherever the boys happened to be when CJ changed MJ, that is where the clothes stayed (and I was wondering where all MJ’s socks were disappearing to).

It has only been six and a half years. Maybe after a few more, CJ will get the picture about what the hamper is for 🙂

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