Those of us who have been on maternity leave (or if staying home – right after the baby is born) know how difficult it is to get practically anything accomplished since the baby demands to be fed every few minutes; or so it feels.

During this time, I became grateful for our Netflix subscription.

After MJ’s birth, I rediscovered my love of “Charmed.” After Q’s birth, I tried out “The Vampire Diaries” and am still a fan, although I am not sure how the whole “no Elena” thing is going to work out. After EM’s birth, I turned to the recommendations of Netflix and discovered two more CW shows that I loved. Only after I became really interested in each one did I find neither of them had survived their first season.

I wish the CW had given these shows more of a chance. I liked them more than some of the current shows they are airing. I really enjoyed the concepts behind “Star-Crossed” and “The Tomorrow People.” I feel if they had been given more time to develop, they would have been great.

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