It’s only 9am and I’m already frustrated. It’s mornings like these that remind me we are basically on our own. 

As much as I love CJ, his morning he was a bit of a doofus. He took both set of car keys with him to work. It took me a long time to figure out a way to get MJ to school. I ended up being able to get him a ride (since the local school district won’t bus him to his preschool), but he was about 45 minutes late. 

This makes me feel immensely jealous of the people who have parents close by. They have this instant support system to help out on days like today or if someone gets unexpectedly hurt and needs to go to the doctor. Yet I have seen many in this situation take it for granted. I would be unbelievably grateful. In fact, I would be willing to bribe my parents if they would move back. I don’t have much to offer, but I’m sure we can figure out a deal.  🙂

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