That WAS My Jam

Driving back and forth to pick MJ up from school gives the girls and I a lot of time to listen to the radio. As of late, as most of the radio stations have switched to Christmas music all the time. I haven’t been in the Christmas mood at all this year, so I have been avoiding those stations. That only leaves two stations that come in decently for the whole hour trip. As it tends to go, these stations play the same handful of songs over and OVER.

Since the van has an AUX cable, I decided to bring my iPod along yesterday. Normally, I listen to a specific playlist – like for the soundtrack for the current piece I’m working on. Yesterday, I decided to Shuffle All.

It was like a blast from the past almost. There were songs from high school basketball warm-ups, prom theme songs, and songs my one girlfriend and I used to sing at karaoke. Those karaoke songs made me think of all the fun times we used to have at the campground her mom used to work at. We would mini-golf in the summer and do a terrible job cross-country skiing in the winter. In fact, I’m pretty sure we (or maybe it was just me) broke at least one part of ski boots in the process.

One of things I remember best about these times is when she would call me to say a boy scout troop was at the campground and her mom needed “help.” I would find a way to get myself there and we would gossip and goof around all night and then cook and serve breakfast in the morning. Could her mother have done this herself? Of course. But what teenage girl would have passed up these opportunities? Goodness, I miss that girl.

On a lighter note – yesterday, I had an author interview I gave published. I am really excited about this step in my professional writing career. Read it here!

Until next time.

Filler, Since It Had Been a While

Life has been stressful this past month. I have had two job interviews, which led to two job shadows, but then nothing. I told CJ that I am not used to not getting a job I interview for. He tries to remind me that the economy is different now then it was three years ago, but it is still hard to not take things to heart.
MJ said his first full sentence at 15 months; it may have only been two words long, but I’ll take it 🙂
I have had a couple more articles posted through Yahoo! and anyone interested should check them out. I get paid per view, so you would be doing me a favor.
Last weekend, we went to the drive-in for the first time of the summer. We saw “Fast & Furious 6,” because we love the series, and we also saw “The Purge.” “The Purge” was a very intriguing movie with interesting concepts; definitely a thinker.