Filler, Since It Had Been a While

Life has been stressful this past month. I have had two job interviews, which led to two job shadows, but then nothing. I told CJ that I am not used to not getting a job I interview for. He tries to remind me that the economy is different now then it was three years ago, but it is still hard to not take things to heart.
MJ said his first full sentence at 15 months; it may have only been two words long, but I’ll take it 🙂
I have had a couple more articles posted through Yahoo! and anyone interested should check them out. I get paid per view, so you would be doing me a favor.
Last weekend, we went to the drive-in for the first time of the summer. We saw “Fast & Furious 6,” because we love the series, and we also saw “The Purge.” “The Purge” was a very intriguing movie with interesting concepts; definitely a thinker.

In Over Our Heads…Maybe?

CJ found a site where companies can hire freelance writers to do work for them. I applied for a position that seemed extremely simple and maybe a little fun. The longer I work on it, the more tiresome it becomes. The “employer” keeps finding things too add on so this has quickly become a job worth a lot more than the $60 I was promised. It has made it virtually impossible to work on my other writing or even things around the house. I cannot wait to turn this project in on Friday and get it out of my life for good.

As we are still getting used to our new budget, being first-time homeowners, we rely heavily on CJ’s job and my two part-time jobs. I officially have no second job anymore. The announcement was made yesterday that the hospital is closing for good. Now we are scrambling to figure something else out as my little writing side jobs do not pay enough to cover the new deficit in our budget. Oh boy…

I believe things will work out to be alright, but I hate the uncertainty of not knowing.


A few years ago, when I first began this blog and then abandoned it, I had written about the child care I worked at. If was affliated with a hospital. The higher-ups at said hospital decided that the child care was no longer making the amount of money they wanted it to, so they closed it. The kicker – other local child cares knew what was happening before we did because they had been informed of a possible influx of children.

I am now employed at the same hospital on a part-time basis and really rely on this position.

Yesterday, CJ called me from work. His co-worker had come into his office with the newspaper. She wanted to know why he had not told her that the hospital where his wife worked is closing. He had no idea what she was talking about. He looked up the article himself and then called me. This is how I found out that I am most likely going to lose my job if the hospital cannot restructure into an urgent care. Even then, the evening shift would not be the same, if it even was eight hours.

Lots of my other co-workers found out about the closure on the news. Absolutely none of the “average” staff were told ahead of time. Doctors, nurses, registrars, NO ONE. The only people informed ahead of time were the members of the board who sat in and made this decision.

Back to the drawing board to find new employment. I do not think I will be able to find anything that is so flexible with finding a sitter for MJ before CJ gets home and is so close to our house.

I was schocked about the closure, but not really about the way the hospital handled it. I mean, that was the same way that they had handled closing the child care, so…

Here is to speedily finding something to help with the fact that we just bought our home and really need to be able to make our mortgage payments :/