As November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) I had been hoping to make some major strides in my book. So far, this has not been going quite how I planned (my biggest day has been an addition of only 1,000 words). I know it is early in the month, but I feel I have already fallen into the pattern of every other month. I was hoping to set a precedent using NaNoWriMo as motivation.

For some reason, the past few days have been full of reading, as seen by my Goodreads profile. I know in order to write well, you have to be well read, but I guess I have been using “I just need to finish this” as an excuse to not sit down and work on my book.

Have you ever been so simultaneously scared of failing and succeeding that you find yourself hesitating to finish the task before you? I feel quite proud of the idea I have and the notes, etc that I have so far. Up until extremely recently, I have been to nervous to share my work with anyone. The few people who have read what I have so far have given positive feedback, but what if they were only being nice? And somehow worse, what if they were not? Is it completely silly and unreasonable to be scared by the possibility of your own success? How does one overcome it?