As a kid, you hope that you will be the cool adult. You know the one I mean. The one with the house everyone wants to hang out at.

As an adult, you realize this actually isn’t something to aspire to. Why? Because a moment will occur where you notice you have forgotten what day of the week it is and you must rage-clean your house in order to have it ready in time for the horde of people you must soon entertain.

I don’t think CJ was at all happy with me when I had this moment yesterday. He was home, so I made him help. I wanted as much as possible done so I could just have some downtime today before I went in to work, came home late, and had guests over early in the morning.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day. There will be at least 12 people in my house, and that’s not counting any strays who may show up. Then I must feed and clean up after all those people before heading to a New Year’s Eve party at a girlfriend’s house. That I’m looking forward to because I will be able to just enjoy – without worrying about hostess or clean up duties.

Hope everyone has a safe and festive New Year’s. Have fun!