As a kid, you hope that you will be the cool adult. You know the one I mean. The one with the house everyone wants to hang out at.

As an adult, you realize this actually isn’t something to aspire to. Why? Because a moment will occur where you notice you have forgotten what day of the week it is and you must rage-clean your house in order to have it ready in time for the horde of people you must soon entertain.

I don’t think CJ was at all happy with me when I had this moment yesterday. He was home, so I made him help. I wanted as much as possible done so I could just have some downtime today before I went in to work, came home late, and had guests over early in the morning.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day. There will be at least 12 people in my house, and that’s not counting any strays who may show up. Then I must feed and clean up after all those people before heading to a New Year’s Eve party at a girlfriend’s house. That I’m looking forward to because I will be able to just enjoy – without worrying about hostess or clean up duties.

Hope everyone has a safe and festive New Year’s. Have fun!

This has been a difficult week for me. Last weekend, we found out that my in-laws won’t be coming to the birthday party we have planned for MJ and Q. I have been trying very hard to understand their reasoning. They want to come the following weekend so they can bring my sister-in-law’s kids as well. Goodness knows the kids only see each other when we travel there (multiple times per year versus my sister-in-law’s one visit in eight years).

Although I am trying to be understanding, they knew about this party for over one month and could have made plans to be here on the correct weekend. And why is that particular weekend so important? Not only are we celebrating MJ and Q that weekend, it is CJ’s birthday as well. He will be turning 30. How could his parents not want to be here to share that with him? He is their baby.

CJ has told me many times that this isn’t that big of a deal, but I wonder who he is trying to convince more, me or himself. My heart hurts to think that they could do this to their baby. He is the single most wonderful person I have ever met and I just don’t understand how anyone could not want to show him how important he is and celebrate the fact that he’s alive.

I love you, CJ. And at least the kids and I will be here for your birthday. We’re the best part of your family anyway. 🙂

As Q takes one of her many naps, MJ and I finally had a chance to return to a semblance of our normal schedule. We have done our flashcards and had our dance party already this morning. I also excitedly realized that I can once again sit comfortably cross-legged.

One of my girlfriends suggested I occasionally use this blog for a “mommy and me” type of thing and there is something that I think may be worth discussing. When I had MJ, we had a difficult time with feeding at first. Whether the issue was with latch, suction, who knows- we were not always successful. By the time we got a hang of it, he was eating a lot and eating well. Because this is the last feeding experience I had, I found myself comparing Q’s eating to MJ’s.

Q and I fell into feeding like old pros, but she was spitting up a lot. It took me a few days to realize that I was grossly overfeeding her as she could not really process the amount of milk her brother was eating at five months old. I have since been adjusting the amount of time she eats for, but now I fear that she is not getting enough as she is a peanut compared to her brother.

On a brighter note, CJ and I figured out what Q’s problem was at night (which way she faced in the bassinet and temperature of the room) and since we have addressed both these, she slept through the night last night! I made CJ get out of bed a few times to check if she was still breathing because she seems awfully small to be sleeping through the night, but I was also grateful for my first full night of sleep since she was born.

I am Important

Yesterday, I went to a Thirty-One party I had been invited to by one of my grandmother’s girlfriends. Generationally, I was a little left out, but I did not mind. I got to spend the few hours there hanging out with my grandmother and she is a pretty cool lady.

While I was at the party, I had a great time. All the ladies were so nice to me, telling me I did not look as pregnant as I am (which was a lie, but a sweet one), just being kind and gracious. I had a wonderful time.

As I was dropping my grandmother off at home, she asked if I would be over the following weekend to make cookies. Turns out my sister and my aunt had made plans to go to Grandma’s and bake and did not invite me. Considering how I had been treated by them the day before while we were washing Grandma’s windows, this was just the icing on the cake. I cried all the way home.

CJ, because he is quite possibly the sweetest man on the planet, did not work out. He spent the entire evening with MJ and me making sure I knew I was important to him. We watched a movie and snuggled 🙂

I really needed a night like that. I had been really dark and depressed when I got home. All I could think was that it was really sad that I felt more appreciated when I was with people I was not related to. Thank goodness I have CJ; I do not know what I would do without him.

I will just have to remind myself:

“You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important.” – The Help, Kathryn Stockett

Cake and Windows

Of course, my camera died during MJ’s party and we have no more batteries. Can’t post more pictures until I remember to buy some, but here is one of him enjoying his gluten-free cake!

Cake time!

Cake time!

Everything went off without a hitch. CJ’s mother’s BBQ and my homemade gluten-free mac and cheese went together even better than I thought they would. My pregnant sister put it all together – I do not mean just on one plate, she mixed it together – and it was amazing. CJ and I have decided that it will now be a main staple in our diet.

Today, we had a gentleman come over to measure some of our windows and give us an estimate for their replacement. The house we bought in January was built in 1951 and still has all the original windows. The appointment was at 10am and it is now 1:30pm and he is still at my house. Is it a little rude that I am blogging while he his here, maybe. Honestly, I just really wanted to vent that he is still here and I had tons of stuff to do today since I have to cook Easter dinner tomorrow for approximately 15 people.

Hopefully he will be headed out soon. He is getting borderline pushy. I think he was expecting us to sign up TODAY, and that is just not something I am willing to do. I am a nervous consumer – and that is putting it lightly. Honestly, I think we will end up getting the windows from them but I just need time to think before making such a large financial commitment.

Party Time!

It has been beyond crazy lately trying to get a house we have been living in for less than three months ready enough to entertain a large number of family members. Why do I need to have them over? My baby is turning one!

It is hard to believe that my baby boy is already one. He walks, he talks; where did the time go?

My family is great, but sometimes they can be a little judgemental. My mother will comment on how the kitchen is not painted yet. My grandma, who has a keen eye for dust, will let me know if I missed a spot. One of my aunts makes the cakes for everyone’s birthday parties, but I told her I wanted to do this one myself and I am sure she will let me know if it is not up to standards.

I know MJ will have lots of fun tomorrow, but I sure will not. Who ever really has fun hosting the party; making sure drinks are full, there are enough snacks out…

Somehow I managed to pull together the time to write a little more for the Yahoo Contributor Network so if anyone is interested in reading one of the two articles, here they are: “Words of Wisdom” and “My Son Creates his own Photo Ops.”

Hopefully after tomorrow afternoon, I will still be sane enough to post a few pictures of the birthday boy and of the main rooms of the house that have finally been finished. I am so proud of what CJ and I have been able to do on our own. CJ even built me my dining room table! I think it is beyond gorgeous and I never knew he was so handy. 🙂

Bed early tonight beccause I have a dragon cake to finish in the morning. Rawr! 😀