Sure Don’t!

My sister asked if she could come over and pick up some clothes for her son. I told her to warn me when she was on the way and I would come out to meet her so my kids would not be woken up from their naps. She let me know when she was a few minutes away and I went outside to meet her.

As soon as I went out onto the porch, I immediately regretted it. It was in perfect timing to be accosted by a door-to-door salesman peddling $30 car washes. $30! No thanks. That is what the hose in the backyard is for (besides watering the garden that is). He would not take the hint and went through his whole monologue anyway. I used CJ as my excuse for why I would not be making the purchase. The man then asked what time CJ gets home and if he should come back! I told him no. A few times. He finally left.

After he left, my sister pulled into the driveway and I told her how much I hated her for making me deal with the salesman. She just laughed and we talked for a bit, while semi-eavesdropping on the salesman talking to my neighbor. As he was leaving the neighbor’s, unsuccessful in a sale there as well, he saw my sister. He yelled over, “Do you think she’d want one?”
My sister’s reply? “Sure don’t!”

I do not think I have ever seen a salesperson look more offended. He muttered, “Oh, god,” while my sister shot back, “That’s right, oh, god!” and laughed.

I am still shaking my head about it. She sure is something else.

Cake and Windows

Of course, my camera died during MJ’s party and we have no more batteries. Can’t post more pictures until I remember to buy some, but here is one of him enjoying his gluten-free cake!

Cake time!

Cake time!

Everything went off without a hitch. CJ’s mother’s BBQ and my homemade gluten-free mac and cheese went together even better than I thought they would. My pregnant sister put it all together – I do not mean just on one plate, she mixed it together – and it was amazing. CJ and I have decided that it will now be a main staple in our diet.

Today, we had a gentleman come over to measure some of our windows and give us an estimate for their replacement. The house we bought in January was built in 1951 and still has all the original windows. The appointment was at 10am and it is now 1:30pm and he is still at my house. Is it a little rude that I am blogging while he his here, maybe. Honestly, I just really wanted to vent that he is still here and I had tons of stuff to do today since I have to cook Easter dinner tomorrow for approximately 15 people.

Hopefully he will be headed out soon. He is getting borderline pushy. I think he was expecting us to sign up TODAY, and that is just not something I am willing to do. I am a nervous consumer – and that is putting it lightly. Honestly, I think we will end up getting the windows from them but I just need time to think before making such a large financial commitment.