Sure Don’t!

My sister asked if she could come over and pick up some clothes for her son. I told her to warn me when she was on the way and I would come out to meet her so my kids would not be woken up from their naps. She let me know when she was a few minutes away and I went outside to meet her.

As soon as I went out onto the porch, I immediately regretted it. It was in perfect timing to be accosted by a door-to-door salesman peddling $30 car washes. $30! No thanks. That is what the hose in the backyard is for (besides watering the garden that is). He would not take the hint and went through his whole monologue anyway. I used CJ as my excuse for why I would not be making the purchase. The man then asked what time CJ gets home and if he should come back! I told him no. A few times. He finally left.

After he left, my sister pulled into the driveway and I told her how much I hated her for making me deal with the salesman. She just laughed and we talked for a bit, while semi-eavesdropping on the salesman talking to my neighbor. As he was leaving the neighbor’s, unsuccessful in a sale there as well, he saw my sister. He yelled over, “Do you think she’d want one?”
My sister’s reply? “Sure don’t!”

I do not think I have ever seen a salesperson look more offended. He muttered, “Oh, god,” while my sister shot back, “That’s right, oh, god!” and laughed.

I am still shaking my head about it. She sure is something else.

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