YCN #7

When my sister and I were younger, my parents took us on some long road trips. We drove to Walt Disney World. We drove to the Grand Canyon. You get the idea. My sister and I had some epic fights over the cooler that separated us in the back seat, but we also took some awesome pictures.

One summer, my mother decided we were going to drive to Roswell, New Mexico. We had been watching “Roswell” ever since it premiered on television and thought it would be cool to check out where it was all taking place.

There were museums about UFOs and space and we even got to eat at the Crash Down Cafe which is one of the locations where the show takes place. As we were walking back to the car, we came upon a little out-of-the-way place that looked intriguing and had only a $2.00 entry fee. We went in and it was amazing. The proprietor had scenes set up were you could take photos with “aliens.”

At the time, we were really excited. We took lots of silly pictures and thought that they were great when we got them back. Now that I am an adult, I look back on these photos and I am really embarrassed. I cannot believe I at any point thought what I was doing was cool. In one picture in particular, I look a little drunk and I really wish that I had been, because at least that would explain why I allowed my picture to be taken in such a way. Thanks, Mom and Dad. You had to realize we were not cool.

These awkward photos will forever be proof that I was a “weirdo” and there is no denying it. At least my sister was equally guilty.

Party Time!

It has been beyond crazy lately trying to get a house we have been living in for less than three months ready enough to entertain a large number of family members. Why do I need to have them over? My baby is turning one!

It is hard to believe that my baby boy is already one. He walks, he talks; where did the time go?

My family is great, but sometimes they can be a little judgemental. My mother will comment on how the kitchen is not painted yet. My grandma, who has a keen eye for dust, will let me know if I missed a spot. One of my aunts makes the cakes for everyone’s birthday parties, but I told her I wanted to do this one myself and I am sure she will let me know if it is not up to standards.

I know MJ will have lots of fun tomorrow, but I sure will not. Who ever really has fun hosting the party; making sure drinks are full, there are enough snacks out…

Somehow I managed to pull together the time to write a little more for the Yahoo Contributor Network so if anyone is interested in reading one of the two articles, here they are: “Words of Wisdom” and “My Son Creates his own Photo Ops.”

Hopefully after tomorrow afternoon, I will still be sane enough to post a few pictures of the birthday boy and of the main rooms of the house that have finally been finished. I am so proud of what CJ and I have been able to do on our own. CJ even built me my dining room table! I think it is beyond gorgeous and I never knew he was so handy. 🙂

Bed early tonight beccause I have a dragon cake to finish in the morning. Rawr! 😀


Wow. I just realized I have not posted since Sunday. Presley is my excuse. Chasing around MJ all day plus trying to house train a puppy is near to impossible. She is the cutest little dog, but she is wearing me out.

I have made some progress on my writing this week and I am pretty proud of that fact. It is slow going with everything else that life has to offer, so at this point I see any progress with it as a major milestone.

ImageImage  This is probably the reason it goes so slow. Yes, that is right. I use an out-dated medium for my writing. I just cannot help it. My notebook and my pencil are my trusty sidekicks and I cannot seem to write without them. I then have to organize my thoughts and scribbles into some kind of sense while I type them out. It is not that I am a slow typist, but as I am sure you can guess, it gets kind of tedious to type out what I have already written – I feel like I am doing all my work twice and only on the first draft.

I know once I get to editing drafts, I will have to go over the same material time and again to make it right, but at this stage, it makes the writing process difficult and frustrating.

If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, anything that could help me move on from my need to use a pencil and paper, I would love to hear it. I desperately want to tell my story and feel driven to write it, but I need a more efficient and more up-to-date way to get it done.