Shortly before Christmas, someone decided to leave me. It was quite unexpected – by me at least. Apparently, CJ had know for some time, as he was already planning a replacement. IMG_1709

This fiend right here, just decided it no longer wanted to pull its weight. As I am writing again, you can see CJ pulled through on his replacement, wonderful man that he is.

In this time we’ve been apart, I’ve not had the best time. I hope you all have had better. I have dealt with some serious anxiety over the breakdown in a familial relationship. I have had a minor injury and a large appliance breakdown (besides the computer). I have also been taken advantage of a little recently which I have resolved to not allow to happen to me anymore, so I’m really sticking to my guns this time.

The familial relationship still suffers. I believe I am owed an apology. I respond when messaged, as I am not a baby, but I make no attempt at first contact. I know this person will see this as a window to all being forgiven without having to say sorry. But I deserve it.

The injury was the result of my first few weeks of Taekwondo. Um, can I tell you how much I love it?! It is the highlight of my week when I get to go to class, and not just because I get to kick things. (Ok, maybe it is.) 🙂 While I was still learning the basics, I somehow managed to kick the floor. My toe was not pretty. But I was not deterred! So much love for my class and my first belt test is coming up soon!

As I am now VP of the PTA and a board member of a charitable organization, I have gotten busier. I feel more fulfilled than when I was working and it’s wonderful. However, these recent down swings have really put a damper on my home productivity. I feel like I can’t let things slide out of the house because I don’t want people to know, but because CJ loves and understands me, I can do it at home. I’m hoping this will serve as the cathartic release I need in order to get back to baseline. This, along with the person understanding I am not one to be walked over, will make such a difference.

Now, with this beautiful new computer in front of me, I look forward to returning to my posting schedule as it just makes me happy. Even if no one read it (even though I still hope you do). Thanks for sticking with me.