ABCs and OCD

Today, everyone but baby and me had a video call at the same time. The three older children were spread out between two rooms and my husband was at the dining room table.

I know it may be hard to accommodate, but are we really taking into consideration the people with multiple children when scheduling these things?

I normally have Q attend the afternoon session her teacher offers as to lessen the overlap, but the teacher is making the kids do presentations and asking all children to attend both sessions.

First, let’s address this problem. You are asking a large group of kindergarteners to attend two meetings per day – at least an hour long – where they have to listen to their friends stumble and mumble on a subject they may not care about. This event is difficult enough to accomplish when they are in the classroom. But to be doing it online? Q cries and begs not to log on, and I don’t blame her.

Second, don’t get us used to a schedule, just to upset it whenever. Between Q and EM this morning, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Both my girls were on silent, but their classmates WERE NOT. There were blaring TVs and barking dogs. It was sensory overload. And through the din, they were supposed to be listening to the presenter and teacher, respectively. Yeah, right.

Third, does anyone think about the mom in my situation? CJ was having a video call because he is still working. He may be physically present in the home, but it’s not like I can constantly bother him for help with this school stuff because he is WORKING. This means, not only do I have to keep the baby occupied and quiet, I have to bounce around three children, on three different devices, making sure everyone is logged on, doing their work, and just paying attention. It is mentally exhausting, and if the baby is having a rough day, physically exhausting as well.

At the best of times, I’m a pretty anxious person. I have had to schedule therapy sessions for myself once every two weeks throughout this and sometimes that doesn’t even feel like enough. (Thank goodness for the telemedicine though, right?) Although my therapist is AMAZING, she is not a miracle worker. There have been days when my OCD symptoms have reared their ugly head and I just don’t have the will to fight against them. I know I’m not taking good enough care of myself and I’ve put on weight.

Well, thanks for sticking with me and any tips for survival at the moment would be appreciated.

Shortly before Christmas, someone decided to leave me. It was quite unexpected – by me at least. Apparently, CJ had know for some time, as he was already planning a replacement. IMG_1709

This fiend right here, just decided it no longer wanted to pull its weight. As I am writing again, you can see CJ pulled through on his replacement, wonderful man that he is.

In this time we’ve been apart, I’ve not had the best time. I hope you all have had better. I have dealt with some serious anxiety over the breakdown in a familial relationship. I have had a minor injury and a large appliance breakdown (besides the computer). I have also been taken advantage of a little recently which I have resolved to not allow to happen to me anymore, so I’m really sticking to my guns this time.

The familial relationship still suffers. I believe I am owed an apology. I respond when messaged, as I am not a baby, but I make no attempt at first contact. I know this person will see this as a window to all being forgiven without having to say sorry. But I deserve it.

The injury was the result of my first few weeks of Taekwondo. Um, can I tell you how much I love it?! It is the highlight of my week when I get to go to class, and not just because I get to kick things. (Ok, maybe it is.) 🙂 While I was still learning the basics, I somehow managed to kick the floor. My toe was not pretty. But I was not deterred! So much love for my class and my first belt test is coming up soon!

As I am now VP of the PTA and a board member of a charitable organization, I have gotten busier. I feel more fulfilled than when I was working and it’s wonderful. However, these recent down swings have really put a damper on my home productivity. I feel like I can’t let things slide out of the house because I don’t want people to know, but because CJ loves and understands me, I can do it at home. I’m hoping this will serve as the cathartic release I need in order to get back to baseline. This, along with the person understanding I am not one to be walked over, will make such a difference.

Now, with this beautiful new computer in front of me, I look forward to returning to my posting schedule as it just makes me happy. Even if no one read it (even though I still hope you do). Thanks for sticking with me.