Last week was full of anxiety. We finally moved SC out of our room. We had already done this with the others by the time they were her age, however, I just didn’t feel any need to rush with her.

The first night, I slept outside SC’s room. (Again, something I didn’t feel compelled to do with anyone else.) All other nights, I slept in our room, but I was just so very anxious.

Was this all just because she’s my baby and I know we don’t plan on having more? This makes me more protective? Or maybe even a little more reluctant to let go? Or maybe because her pregnancy was so miserable, she makes me a little paranoid sometimes.

Well, whatever the reasons may be, it took me almost the whole week to feel better again. SC seems to have not noticed any change at all and the other kids think it’s cool she’s such a big girl now.

Talking about her being a big girl, I only recently realized she will be one year old in a little over two weeks. How on earth did that happen? I only just had her, right? It hasn’t been a full year since I was miserably pregnant, has it? I just cannot believe how quick it has gone by. But she is such a wonderful, happy, beautiful little girl and I am so glad we have her.  🙂

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