As we began our summer, I gathered everyone in our ever shrinking toy room to go over how our summer was organized and what was expected of them. Every week had a theme, so projects, crafts, and field trips were all designed to fit into that theme.

First thing we did, was giggle at the silly picture CJ left for us. Next, we talked about our first theme: rainbows.


Daddy is so silly!

We learned how rainbows are formed and went over our colors in both English and Spanish. We did a science experiment called walking rainbows where you use glasses, water, food coloring, and paper towels to move water along from glass to glass, changing your primary colors to secondary colors. We also made a rainbow craft and painted stained glass windows.

The stained glass windows were pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Using Dollar Store picture frames, clear drying glitter glue, and food coloring, we were about to create a faux stained glass window effect. Spread the glitter evenly on the glass, add drops of food coloring to spread around with a paint brush and allow to dry. I tied some string through the frames and we still have ours hung in the front window.

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However, I think everyone’s favorite from the week was the Rainbow Spaghetti. It was so well loved, they have asked for it numerous times since. I also made it when the nieces and nephew were here and they loved it; so much they asked me to give the recipe to my sister.

It was super simple, but I’ll admit, I couldn’t bring myself to try it. Despite how the kids were shoveling it in, I couldn’t get it past my eyes. I’m sure some of you will get what I mean. After the pasta was cooked, I split it into separate baggies and added a little bit of water and a few drops of food coloring (yes, lots this week haha). Then let the bags sit for a few minutes so the color has a chance to soak in. Return to pot, mix, and serve. I just couldn’t believe how bright it turned out. Wow!

All-in-all, Rainbow Week was a great way to start our summer. Any ideas for things we could also try if we do it again next summer, feel free to share!

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