Pinstripes and Plaid

Pinstripes and plaid DO NOT go together. Hence, why I made my fiance change his clothes one night before we could go out. My grandparents fought on his behalf, saying that he looked just fine the way he was and how it was not fair of me to ask him to change just because I did not like something about his outfit. To this day I still maintain that my grandmother could not see the pinstripes from across the room, otherwise she would have been on my side.

Papa still likes to joke when we are out on whether or not his clothes match. He even called me at my bridal shower to tell me that he was afraid to let Grandma leave the house because he did not think she matched.

“Will she pass?” he had asked me on the phone. Well she did, but he sure did not when he came to pick her up. He had on black pants and black shoes, but was wearing white socks. He says he is too old to worry about the color of his socks.

This started me thinking though. Who decided that you should not wear stripes and plaid at the same time? (Besides the obvious that they just do not look good together.)

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