Scarecrow and Mrs. King would have gone on for more than just four seasons if it had not been for Kate Jackson‘s battle with breast cancer. Not only was the show something that was family appropriate (no gore and swearing like primetime television today) but it offered a little something special for its female viewers.

I remember getting off the bus and rushing into the house to watch re-runs of this show with my mom. Not only were there many funny moments to divert the audience, one must admit – Bruce Boxleitner was kind of a hunk. The moment I found out that SMK Season One was being released on DVD, my name was on the pre-order list.

This show offered the opportunity to really get to know the characters. They had depth and personalities. Francine believed she was the best thing that had happened to the spy business. Ever. Billy knew how to laugh, but he was one tough boss. He could always keep his employees in line. Lee (Scarecrow) was sexy and cunning and awfully good at rolling his eyes in frustration.

Amanda, the heroine, was Lee’s main source of frustration. She was inexperienced and he never really wanted to partner up with her (at least in Season One). She was only a housewife, brought into the spy business through an act of necessity. She bumped into Lee while he was being chased and he attempted to use her to finish an assignment. She did not deliver the package like he told her to and thus began their whirlwind of a relationship; from partners in the field to partners in the heart.

She was the real reason so many women were drawn to this show. She gave women hope. Amanda’s life showed that romance and intrigue are possible for everyone, even a suburban housewife and we could all always use a little romance and intrigue in our lives.

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