More MJ

My little boy sure does love to play outside! With the weather here in NY finally starting to get nice, MJ and I will go for walks or to the park in the morning before I head to work. Even if we just hang out in our own backyard he is a happy camper. In fact, he likes it outside so much that when I start to pick up his toys to go in the house for lunch or nap, he starts to cry. He is definitely his father’s son. I think CJ would be content to stay outside all day every day if he could.

MJ at the park. He looks so little.

MJ at the park. He looks so little.

Playing at his cousin's house.

Playing at his cousin’s house.

This little boy has also discovered that he can climb. Anything that can make him taller, he attempts to climb. Sofas and other such things, I do not mind him climbing; by the time he gets up on them, he is tired and just sits and rests. It is the other things I mind. He has discovered that he can push the coffee table in the toy room up to the window, climb on top of it, and stare out at the neighbors. He thinks it is great. The first time I saw him on top of the table, I almost had a heart attack. It seems like this boy has no self-preservation. He will, without a doubt, grow to be some crazy daredevil who jumps out of perfectly good airplanes or something along those lines. These will just be stories he can never share with Mommy. 🙂

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