Have you ever had one of those days where everything feels utterly out of control? Little things that don’t normally bother you, drive you nuts. Anxiety is at a high. Stress levels are up. That’s how I feel right now and I can’t seem to get myself back down.

Started this morning. I was told some things that shouldn’t have been told. Houseguest usurped my washing machine. It’s hot and I HATE being hot. MJ was being a “normal” two year old instead of his usual, well behaved self. Q is teething.

When we went outside, Q spit up all over her pak-n-play. MJ decided to put dirt all in his underwear.

At lunch, Q decided to start blowing raspberries, got me covered in green beans, and then refused to finish eating. MJ decided to do his new favorite thing, which is climbing up behind you (which I CAN’T STAND), while I was trying to work with Q and wiped his lunch covered face on my back.

Sitting and typing this has helped a bit. Sometimes venting is good for the soul. Q is sitting on my lap and MJ is playing “Godzilla” with his train set.

Today is one of the rare says where I hope they take an extra long nap. I hate these days. They make me feel like a bad mom…

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