This weekend, I was humiliated by my sister. In our church parking lot, she cussed me out, loudly, in front of a lot of people. I was mortified and had to walk away.

What, pray tell, could have possibly caused her to do such a thing at such a time and place? Because my husband was talking to my cousin about taking his SAT and my sister decided this was none of our business. This was all over our worry about his being able to take a test and her believing we should butt out. (I would like to add that she frequently butts in where our female cousins are concerned.)

I have since tried a few times to be the “bigger man,” but to no avail. When my sister is upset, she stays upset until she is good and ready. She will not talk to me.

Tonight, CJ told me that it is supposed to rain tomorrow morning. I am supposed to attend my niece’s preschool graduation and since I live about two blocks away from the school, I was going to walk. Obviously, I do not wish to take my children out to walk in the rain.

I gave my sister a head’s up about the weather and she is convinced I am using it as an excuse not to go because I “have a car.” Well, my front brakes are rusted through and short drive or not, rain or not, I do not think I should drive it until CJ and I have a chance to get it fixed.

If I do not go tomorrow, the backlash will be unbelievable. Her rationale is completely skewed sometimes and it is hard to keep up with. In order to keep her happy, I would have to walk, rain or shine. If I end up walking in the rain, I will not only have two sick babies and possibly sick me, I will have to deal with the wrath of CJ. I definitely do not want either…

I remember a time before my sister used to act this way. Whoever stole that side of her, can I have it back now, please?

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