National Siblings Day

This past week, Facebook was filled with pictures and sappy messages in honor of National Siblings Day.I never really post on Facebook, except for pictures for my parents or in-laws, but my sister posts A LOT. I saw what she had tagged me in for NSD and thought it was really sweet at first.

Happy siblings day!!! I don’t have an up to date picture of us but u know I luv ya!!! Lol

Only a few minutes later I saw she had tagged one of her girlfriends in a post. It was also accompanied by a photo they had taken when they went out last week.

Although ur not blood related I couldn’t have asked for a better sister to grow up with and have our kids grow up together! Happy siblings day!!!

How can she possibly not understand how much this hurt my feelings. I AM her sister. We ARE blood related. Yet she openly admits on Facebook that this friend is her preference in the sister department. I obviously no longer thought my post was very sweet.

I guess I should be over it by now. I mean, this is the friend she invited to her wedding when I was not invited. At least CJ understood…

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