Last week while I was grocery shopping, I passed an old friend in the aisle. There is no way she could have missed me, but she ignored me completely. CJ and I talked it over and there are a few things we feel could have happened.

The first, and least likely in my opinion, is that she really just didn’t see me. The second, and my feeling, is that she is still not over the unfortunate events that took place between her and my brother-in-law. Their failed attempt at a relationship had nothing to do with me, but as my brother-in-law left me to do the “breaking up” as it were, my relationship with her suffered. The third, and CJ’s idea, is that even though I have tried to keep her in my life – inviting her to girls’ nights, birthday parties, etc. – it was just too hard for her to watch me get married and start a family.

I remember her mother made a comment one evening while we were hanging out; shortly before CJ and I got married. She told her daughter to enjoy the last few opportunities to hang out since we wouldn’t be friends anymore after my marriage. So a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts? But not for lack of trying on my part.

I have one best friend, besides CJ of course, who lives in Missouri. I have one sister who prefers her friends who party (and I do mean PARTY), since I don’t. So a situation like this is actually heartbreaking. I know losing a friend is always sad, but when you don’t have many to begin with…

Later in August, I have a meeting set up with a girl from high school. We haven’t really hung out since then, but we did invite each other to our weddings. Why did we set up a meeting now? She just had her first child. He’s a few weeks older than EM. I’m assuming she wants some “mommy friends” for advice, play dates, etc. I’m looking forward to this meeting because I’ve always wanted a “mommy friend” who lives relatively closer than my girlfriend in Missouri. I’ve learned to not get my hopes up though. So we’ll see. Even if it doesn’t go well, at least I know she isn’t immature enough to ignore me if she saw me at the grocery store.

National Siblings Day

This past week, Facebook was filled with pictures and sappy messages in honor of National Siblings Day.I never really post on Facebook, except for pictures for my parents or in-laws, but my sister posts A LOT. I saw what she had tagged me in for NSD and thought it was really sweet at first.

Happy siblings day!!! I don’t have an up to date picture of us but u know I luv ya!!! Lol

Only a few minutes later I saw she had tagged one of her girlfriends in a post. It was also accompanied by a photo they had taken when they went out last week.

Although ur not blood related I couldn’t have asked for a better sister to grow up with and have our kids grow up together! Happy siblings day!!!

How can she possibly not understand how much this hurt my feelings. I AM her sister. We ARE blood related. Yet she openly admits on Facebook that this friend is her preference in the sister department. I obviously no longer thought my post was very sweet.

I guess I should be over it by now. I mean, this is the friend she invited to her wedding when I was not invited. At least CJ understood…