Inductions and Introductions

Exactly one week ago today, MJ and Q became big brother and sister to another beautiful little girl, EM.

Last Monday, I had to stop at the doctor’s office for a blood pressure check due to my hypertension. Because it was so high, I was sent directly to the hospital for an induction. I was fine with this news as I was more than ready for baby #3 to be here. Now that I have personal experience however, any time anyone says they want an induction/are scheduled for one, I will most definitely try to convince them otherwise. It was one of the most terrible things I have ever had to go through.

As I got there Monday evening and did not have EM until early Wednesday morning, I had half a dozen nurses, three different mid-level providers, and two different doctors. Since this was the case, the plan for my induction changed. The instructions given to me by the doctor that admitted me were changed by the next doctor and I feel that this was one of the reasons my induction was so long and awful. There also seemed to be a breakdown of communication in as far as the strength of my contractions versus the amount of induction medication I was being given.

Both MJ and Q were natural deliveries, so I knew what I was feeling was not contractions worthy of big numbers on the pain scale. Since the numbers I was giving to rate my pain were small, they did not check me and just kept pumping me full of medication until I finally put my foot down. By the time I advocated for myself, the contractions were so close together there was almost no breaks between them and I was ready to quit. (As if that were an option at that point…)

According to the nurse, I pushed for less than ten minutes before EM made her grand debut. I was not at all surprised she came so quickly after everything else that had happened. I was just really glad that the whole ordeal was over. Induction is not something I would wish on anyone and should not be undertaken lightly.

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