When I found out a few years ago that they were turning “21 Jumpstreet” into a movie, I was pretty excited. I love the show and own all five seasons on DVD. After I saw the first preview, I was angry and offended and vowed to never watch the movie. Now that its sequel is out in theaters and people are raving about it as well, I feel that I have to defend my stance to avoid this series.

Why I will never watch 21 or 22 Jumpstreet:

1. Most importantly – even though the characters on the show were often put into compromising positions, they never actually BROKE THE LAW. They were police officers after all. Even the preview for the first movie showcased the officers riding out a drug-induced high. Drugs ruin lives. THEY ARE NOT FUNNY.

2. When Tommy and Doug were partnered up as the McQuaid brothers and acting like badasses, they were still people you could look up to. (TV show) Tatum and Hill and their asinine antics are nothing you would want to emulate. (Movie)

3. The characters on the show looked like they could actually be in high school and when they could not pull it off anymore, they were cycled out. There is no way you could ever expect me to believe that Channing Tatum is a high school student. Just does not fly.