IT: Revisited

After hearing about the hilarity that ensued when my sister and I went to the theater to see IT, CJ decided he would also like to see it as well. He surprised me on Friday night by renting it for us.

While I was busy mentally preparing myself to watch the movie again, I looked over at CJ to see this:


Unicorn Magic

According to CJ, the big, pink unicorn we had bought for Q would keep him safe from the movie. Also, even though we tend to watch movies with the lights off, he insisted the lights stay on. Apparently, there was no way he was willing to watch this one in the dark.

I knew CJ had been texting my sister before we started the movie as she needed help with her computer. Neither of us realized she had messaged him that she was on her way over for in person help, as we were already engrossed in the movie. Next thing I knew, the front door was shaking because someone was trying to get in!

I’ll admit, I jumped. Bad. I did that weird whisper/yell thing, telling CJ to go see what was going on. He’s the one who got the scary movie; he should be the one to deal with the consequences.

He came back, leading my sister with him. Assuming we had seen her message and unlocked the door for her, she had just tried to walk in. She said since she knew the kids were already in bed, she figured texting ahead of time would be better than getting here, knocking, and making the dog go nuts. Needless to say, this definitely added an extra element to the movie.

After my sister left, CJ resumed his position with the unicorn and we finished the movie. The next day, he used a “Pennywise” voice all day, calling me “Georgie,” just to freak me out. I didn’t think this was fair at all as the movie was his choice and at least I didn’t have to snuggle a pink fuzzball to make my way through it.

At least I got this amazing picture though, right?  🙂


Last week I told CJ he owed me and I was going on a girl date whether he liked it or not. He had gone out to happy hour with some guys from work and had plans to go fishing that weekend, so I told him I wanted to treat my sister to a movie. He simply laughed and said, “Have fun.”

I called my sister and told her we would be going to the local, three screen theater that night and the movie was her choice. I instantly regretted it when she told me what she was picking. The three choices were the new Thor movie, Happy Death Day, and It. As an avid Stephen King fan, she chose It. I don’t know why I thought for even a second there was a chance of her picking anything else. Here I was, hoping to watch some Chris Hemsworth, and was instead trying to mentally prepare myself to have my pants scared off.

In my attempt to get ready, I decided to watch the trailer for the movie. I hadn’t seen it before since I had no intention whatsoever to see It. I watched the first one and thought it wouldn’t be so bad. I started the second one and about halfway through I was already going, “nope, nope” and knowing I was in for a terrible evening.

As my family tends to have volume control issues that are exacerbated by the situation, I ordered our movie tickets a little loudly since I was already so nervous. My sister made a comment about it and the ticket lady told us not to worry. Since we were the only ones in that theater, we could be as loud as we wanted. This information did NOT make me feel better. In fact, it made me feel worse. We were now the only potential victims should something happen. Who wants to be the only ones in the theater for a scary movie?

After the time it took to get concessions and visit the little girls’ room, the movie was just beginning as we entered. So house lights were down, screen was black, and there was creepy music. We had no choice but to stand still until the WB logo appeared so there was even enough light to find our seats. It was not a good way to start.

Within the first five minutes of the movie, I had texted CJ to let him know my sister was already hiding in her sweater and had jumped twice. Not cool. She gave me a little bit of beef for tattling on her, but I told her since she picked the movie and was making me suffer through it, she was absolutely not allowed to act like a scaredy-cat and especially since it had just started and nothing had really happened yet.

In our efforts to tolerate the movie (and since we were alone) we talked and made fun of certain things to make them less scary. Of course, we still jumped quite a bit and my sister even squawked once. Altogether, it was a good movie though. I enjoyed it.

Since it was told in parts, my sister offered to lend me the book so I could see what happened at the end without waiting for the next movie. I told her that really wasn’t necessary. I don’t know if I would have the fortitude to sit through reading that book.

As we were walking to the car, I kind of made an ass out of myself. I moved to the side to make way for a couple walking toward us and ending up walking into a bush. I totally freaked myself out and screamed. The people in front of us turned around and looked at me like I was crazy. I apologized and informed them we had just seen a scary movie. I got made fun of the whole way home.

All-in-all, I didn’t end up as terrified as I thought and I did have a blast with my sister. Would I recommend this movie to others? Well, if you don’t have a basement, a sink, or an issue with clowns, you should be good.  🙂

Today marks three weeks since we buried Riley. Some days require less pretending than others. Some days, I am able to embrace the moment, experience it, then move on. Some days, the sadness brings me to my knees. I am a work in progress.

Last night, one of my girl friends took me out to see Beauty and the Beast. We had a nice time before and after, but during the movie, I wasn’t sure exactly how to feel. As you know, I had already seen this movie when my sister and I took our girls to see it. I was still pregnant then. So at first, this was all I could focus on. Then I could only focus on the jerks who came in late, couldn’t find their seats, and interrupted the prologue.

The flashback scenes in the movie are sad and they hit me so much harder this go-around. Many of the musical numbers caused me to cry.

I talked about this with CJ when I got home. Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite Disney movie since I was a child. I have seen the musical many times, including on Broadway. I have all the music on my iPod, even some sheet music from my playing days. I was afraid that all the emotion I felt during this most recent viewing might ruin how I feel about everything. But I told CJ, I think it may have actually made me love it more. Now it needs to hurry up on come out for purchase.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Seat Them

So, I had a post planned for over Thanksgiving weekend, but I did not have access to a wifi signal. That’s right. Even though we were at my in-laws, I didn’t have access the internet to do some posting. This has been my first opportunity between getting everything settled back in and home and back into the swing of school.

I was planning on writing a post about the movie I went to see with one of my girlfriends. It was two weeks ago now. We went to see an advanced screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We were really excited when talking about purchasing tickets because we had been to a few midnight showings of Harry Potter films and we thought it would be fun to continue the tradition. When I went to purchase tickets for 12:01 am Friday morning, I saw that the theater we were going to was having advanced screenings on Thursday night at 8pm and 10pm. I called her up and asked if she were interested in either of those times instead. She quickly jumped at the chance to see it at 8pm, as I knew she would since I was also excited to see it at a time that would still put us to bed at a decent hour. At some point, we became old people who can’t function on less than six hours of sleep. Darn kids 🙂

The movie was just as amazing as I was expecting it to be. There was an odd thing about this experience though. The seating. First of all, I was pumped that the seats now reclined and had foot rests. I mean, all the comforts of home with a bigger and better screen and sound system. The crazy thing was that apparently this theater now assigns seats. I never in a million years would have thought to check my movie theater tickets for seat assignments. We didn’t even realize until a group of youngins approached and disdainfully told us we were in their seats. Since when do they tell you where you have to sit when you go to the movies? All I can say is I’m glad we didn’t end up stuck in the front row, craning our necks for two hours.

I guess from now on, I will always purchase my tickets in advance and pay attention to my seating assignment.

“The Pretty One”

This past weekend, CJ and I watched a movie called “The Pretty One.” We both really enjoyed the quirky humor.

I was really impressed with the point of the movie, but felt that the writers dropped the ball with the ending of the movie. I felt the whole point was to show that the main character had grown to become her own, independent woman yet the ending had her move from being her father’s daughter and caretaker to being someone’s girlfriend. Granted, I wanted her to get back together with the guy, but the ending would have had more meaning if she had done/performed a grand gesture for herself with maybe just a hint at getting back together with the guy. Her growth as a person was much more important than her “growth” as a girlfriend.

Otherwise, it was a movie that I would recommend. It was really good. 🙂

When I found out a few years ago that they were turning “21 Jumpstreet” into a movie, I was pretty excited. I love the show and own all five seasons on DVD. After I saw the first preview, I was angry and offended and vowed to never watch the movie. Now that its sequel is out in theaters and people are raving about it as well, I feel that I have to defend my stance to avoid this series.

Why I will never watch 21 or 22 Jumpstreet:

1. Most importantly – even though the characters on the show were often put into compromising positions, they never actually BROKE THE LAW. They were police officers after all. Even the preview for the first movie showcased the officers riding out a drug-induced high. Drugs ruin lives. THEY ARE NOT FUNNY.

2. When Tommy and Doug were partnered up as the McQuaid brothers and acting like badasses, they were still people you could look up to. (TV show) Tatum and Hill and their asinine antics are nothing you would want to emulate. (Movie)

3. The characters on the show looked like they could actually be in high school and when they could not pull it off anymore, they were cycled out. There is no way you could ever expect me to believe that Channing Tatum is a high school student. Just does not fly.

Valentine’s Date

Last night CJ took me out for a Valentine’s/birthday date. It was the first time since MJ was born that I left him for any length of time when he was not already asleep; expecting someone else to put him to bed. On top of that, it was the first time I left Q with anyone other than CJ.

CJ took me for dinner and a movie (compliments of my parents – thanks!) and we did have a lovely time. I really had to control myself though. First, from crying, which started as soon as I walked out the front door of the house. Second, from calling home about one million times while we were out.

I think at first it was hard for CJ to understand my feelings. It is not that I did not trust his parents who were babysitting. I mean, they had four kids and none of them died. It was the fact that I was leaving my babies.

On Sunday mornings when I leave them with CJ so I can teach my church school class, I feel alright because they are with their father and I am doing something important. Last night felt more like being selfish than anything even though CJ insisted that we needed a date night. He, however, leaves the kids all day every day when he goes to work. I am always with them (except for church school, of course). It was hard to conquer the feeling that I was forgetting something and it was really weird to be carrying a purse instead of a diaper bag.

I am proud of the fact that I only asked CJ to call his parents once to check on things between dinner and the movie. I wanted to call after the movie, but knowing everyone might be asleep kept me from asking. I talked all the way home; nervous chatter mostly. I bet if I asked CJ, he would not have any idea what I was talking about last night as for some reason I decided to compare Austenian heroines – something he really could care less about. I could not wait to be home with my babies.

As Q was still awake with her Bubba (CJ’s mom), the first thing I did was check on MJ. It was hard to see him snuggled in his bed knowing I had not said his prayers with him, sang him a song, and tucked him in. CJ’s parents insist it gets easier, but my mother says it does not and I believe she meant it. I can only remember a handful of times when my sister and I were little where they did not take us out with them. Hopefully I will be able to find some sort of middle ground as I am a little young yet to become a hermit. 🙂