Fantastic Beasts and Where to Seat Them

So, I had a post planned for over Thanksgiving weekend, but I did not have access to a wifi signal. That’s right. Even though we were at my in-laws, I didn’t have access the internet to do some posting. This has been my first opportunity between getting everything settled back in and home and back into the swing of school.

I was planning on writing a post about the movie I went to see with one of my girlfriends. It was two weeks ago now. We went to see an advanced screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We were really excited when talking about purchasing tickets because we had been to a few midnight showings of Harry Potter films and we thought it would be fun to continue the tradition. When I went to purchase tickets for 12:01 am Friday morning, I saw that the theater we were going to was having advanced screenings on Thursday night at 8pm and 10pm. I called her up and asked if she were interested in either of those times instead. She quickly jumped at the chance to see it at 8pm, as I knew she would since I was also excited to see it at a time that would still put us to bed at a decent hour. At some point, we became old people who can’t function on less than six hours of sleep. Darn kids 🙂

The movie was just as amazing as I was expecting it to be. There was an odd thing about this experience though. The seating. First of all, I was pumped that the seats now reclined and had foot rests. I mean, all the comforts of home with a bigger and better screen and sound system. The crazy thing was that apparently this theater now assigns seats. I never in a million years would have thought to check my movie theater tickets for seat assignments. We didn’t even realize until a group of youngins approached and disdainfully told us we were in their seats. Since when do they tell you where you have to sit when you go to the movies? All I can say is I’m glad we didn’t end up stuck in the front row, craning our necks for two hours.

I guess from now on, I will always purchase my tickets in advance and pay attention to my seating assignment.

Things I Used to Take for Granted before Having Children

Peeing without an audience

Finishing a meal in one sitting

Eating/drinking something at the desired temperature

Not having to take my boobs out in public

Leaving the house in under thirty minutes

Watching an “adult” movie (be it raunchy or scary) before 8pm

Staying up past midnight without being a monster the next day

Driving past McDonald’s without screams from the backseat

Uneventful and quick trips to the grocery store

Singing along with the radio without a backseat critic – who made him Simon Cowell anyway?

Shaving my legs more than once every few weeks

Keeping my glasses fingerprint free all day

Getting 5+ hours of sleep during two or more consecutive evenings

Sleeping in on Saturdays

Using an alarm clock

Being addressed by my first name

Cleaning the house and having more than two seconds to admire the handiwork

Date night

Personal hygiene (some days are better than others)


But I still wouldn’t trade my munchkins for anything.  🙂

Last night I sat with CJ and discussed what I should do about my ankle, as I had injured it earlier in the week. Then I thought how sad it was that I was having this conversation with my husband instead of with my doctor. But having this conversation with CJ was free and a doctor’s visit with an X-ray? Two weeks worth of groceries we can’t buy for our family. And that’s with insurance. 

We spend tons of money per month on health insurance we never use simply because we are penalized for not having coverage. Yet our copays and deductibles are so astronomical, we avoid going to the doctor’s like the plague; even if we have the plague. My “white coat syndrome” shouldn’t stem from fear of being unable to pay my bill. 


No matter your own personal opinion on the matter, society seems preoccupied with the use of contraceptives.

After EM was born, my nurse asked about my birth control plan. When I called to make my six week appointment, the secretary asked what type of birth control I wished to discuss with my doctor so she could make a note in my chart. When I got to my appointment, the nurse who did my vitals asked me again about my birth control choice, giving her own opinions on the matter. When I told all these women that I would not be choosing a birth control method – as I have never had one and what CJ and I do seems to work out fine – I was informed I had to be on some form of contraception and to just talk to my doctor about it.

Thankfully, my doctor was the only one who did not push me. She said the choice was my own and no one could force me to be on something I was not interested in. Since she seemed so open-minded about it, I made sure she was aware of the pressures her staff had been putting on me. I mean, one nurse had even gone so far as to tell me that if I refused birth control, my husband HAD to get a vasectomy. I was so blown away by this. Honestly, my choices are none of her business; and then to assume she could tell me what my husband HAD to do. Ha.

I have my own reasons for not using hormonal contraceptives just as other women have their own reasons for using them. I just feel that something should not be forced on others (especially by figures in authority) simply because it has come to be viewed as a societal norm.


When I was younger (but hey – 27 is not that old, right?) it used to take me forever to get ready. I did not matter where I was going; school, a date, even church. Then I would practically fall into bed at night. Now, it takes me less than 15 minutes to get ready in the morning but it takes forever to get ready for bed. There are facial cleansers, lotions, moisturizers, etc.

I would almost rather go back to the way things were. It is often frustrating, after having decided it is time for bed, to remember all the things I have to do before I can get there. Not to mention, stopping back out at the computer to type out random musings. 🙂