TSO in the Snow

What could possibly be more frustrating than being hurt and not knowing how you did it?

On Wednesday I somehow injured my lower back. In the morning I suffered in silence, but by the end of the day I knew that this would not be a quick heal. I called into work on Thursday not really wanting to use my sick time; it is something I just hate doing.

It is always my fear that when you call in, your boss sits on the other end of the line rolling their eyes because they believe there really is nothing wrong with you. In this instance though, there really is something wrong.

I started out Thursday hoping that by the time I needed to get ready for work that I would be fine. I woke up feeling good but, per my usual, did too much too quickly and really hurt myself. By the time I would have had to leave the house, I could barely make it from room to room. I had to bite the bullet and take the me time. If I could not pick up the baby, then I sure was not going to be able to function at work.

My husband and I had purchased tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Thursday night was when our tickets were for. My husband was all for me staying home and resting, but I was not willing to have spent such a sum of money on tickets and then not go. I convinced my husband that after having rested all day, I would be fine going to the concert.

By the time we were finally able to make it off the exit ramp, there was only ten minutes until the show started. We could either drive around to find a close parking spot for me and potentially be late for the show, or park at the closest lot and walk. I was feeling pretty good and decided we should walk because I was paranoid about being late.

The walk turned out to be about three quarters of a mile; normally a walk I would have enjoyed, but under the circumstances…Also, it did not help that the city had not taken care of the sidewalks very well considering there was a concert that night. There was a flight of stairs that were extremely unkempt and an older gentleman fell down them. Good thing my husband was there to help him up.

When we finally made it to the arena, it was only to realize we were in the highest row. I had to constantly remind myself not to look down at the crowd or to consicously think about where I was sitting. Mini panic attacks aside, I had a BLAST! I recommend a TSO concert to anyone who has never been. It is an amazing musical experience with laser lights and pyrotechnics.

In order to avoid the “scary stairs” as they had been dubbed, I let my husband find directionally challenged wife -me- a safer route to the car. After wanderding around and getting some super cilly toes, we made our way back to the car, thus ending our fun night out. The heating pad and Tylenol were much appreciated when we got home.

My Fake Stalker

I’ve never had a real stalker, but then again, I guess he wouldn’t be a very good one if I knew about his existence.  I did have a fake stalker once though. It just might have been one of the silliest things I was even involved in. There must have even been a certain level of believability to what we did because an elderly woman did look quite concerned on my behalf.

When my husband was still in college, I came to visit him at the student gym where he worked. This was a regular Friday night routine. He is normally a little bit more than your average goofball, but this night he was really on a roll.

I was down by the equipment cage waiting for him when I heard someone from the walkway above yell, “Hey, good looking! You got a boyfriend?” This is not at all an unusual thing for him say so I answered with a caustic, “Won’t you leave me alone? How many times do I have to tell you? You need to stop following me.”

We continued our banter for a few more turns until I realized that one of the women on the same level as me was beginning to look extremely worried on my behalf. I became afraid that if we did not show her we were simply goofing around she would take action on my behalf.

I told my husband to come down and we made a bit of a show over the fact that we really did know each other and were together. I never did figure out if that lady looked more relieved that I was safe or upset that we would be so callous.

I felt that the situation had all arisen in good fun and that there was nothing to worry about. To this day, whenever my husband bumps into me, like if I’m walking into the house as he is pulling into the driveway he still asks, “Hey, good looking. You got a boyfriend?” and I must admit that every time it still makes me smile and I secretly hope that he never stops.