For the first time in a long time, I find myself actually able to sit in front of my computer with a purpose other than schoolwork. Homeschooling has been a trying and sometimes painful endeavor, but we are definitely growing and learning.

For Christmas, I had asked for some things to supplement our learning. My in-laws got the kids a subscription to something called Little Passports. We have enjoyed three months so far. Our first month arrived with a blue suitcase to hold out goodies. Each month a passport and suitcase sticker come along with wonderful, age appropriate information on a foreign country, a souvenir, and a craft. Brazil offered a a lesson about the four layers of the rainforest. Japan taught us how to write haikus. France had directions to help learn to critique art. Each month we learned how to say hello, goodbye, and thank you in a new language. So far, I am amazingly impressed and would gladly recommend it to others.

Well, it appears my time is already at an end. More nights like this coming soon, I hope, as we settle in and move forward.