So, summer obviously became crazily busy with seven little ones in the house. Now that three are back doing their own thing, it’s calmed down a bit.

Now that I typed it, I don’t really think “calm” is the right word. My children have settled-ish into their new schedule, but there’s still plenty of push-back. I am struggling to find a good balance between their school and my other responsibilities. I try to grade right away, but I tend to wait until the last minute to lesson plan for the following week. I know we’ll get the hang of it though. The kids still seem into this whole homeschool thing. I pray it ends up being as good for them as I hope.

SC, as the only one not of school age, still prefers to hang out with us during school hours. She has her own little desk where she colors or plays with the counting tools while we have lessons. Even just being in the same room as us, I see her making these amazing connections. She has already begun counting. She uses complete sentences and her vocabulary is expanding exponentially. Did I mention she’s not even two yet? Now if I could only get her smart, but very stubborn behind to sit on the potty.

I know they say potty training boys is more difficult than potty training girls, but I am about at my wits end.

If you take MJ to the bathroom every hour – his underwear will stay dry all day, he will pee in the potty every time, he will clap and cheer for himself and get super jazzed about his treat…

He has told us while out, like at a relative’s house, that he has to go to the bathroom, we will take him, and he will go. While at home, if we wait for him to tell us, he will pee in his underwear every time. If he goes in his underwear, he knows he does not get his treat. He will fuss a bit about this, but obviously it is not a big enough deterrent to keep him from wetting himself.

I need any advice from the parents out there who have potty trained a boy. There must be something else we can try; a different way of doing things, a different treat, etc. I appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

Summer is almost over and even though fall is my favorite season, I will miss taking pictures like this one.

Eating black raspberries in the yard :)

Eating black raspberries in the yard 🙂

With everything that has been going on lately, I feel that I really have been slacking on some things. I have been stressed about finding a new job that will allow me to spend more time at home or work more opposite CJ as we have no one who will watch MJ anymore. Also, come January, we will have another little one and finding a sitter for two will be harder than a sitter for one. I do have my music lessons as supplemental income, but unless I get more students, I do not know what we will do.

We have been working on potty training MJ so we will not have two babies in diapers at the same time. He is doing so well! I am immensely proud of him. He has already made his transition into his big boy bed and after he masters this, he will be unstoppable 🙂

MJ also begins his gymnastics classes this week. This little boy loves to dance and climb things and since CJ will not even consider danced classes, gymnastics it is. To be honest, I am more excited about the gymnastics classes than I ever would have been about dance.