Naughty Babies

This week has been rough. People at work have been on vacation, so instead of working only three nights per week, I worked six. The babies have noticed and are acting accordingly. This makes me super excited that it is happening again this week as well, as I have learned that the kids are being a little naughty regarding the loss of “mommy time.”

For the most part, we’ve just been experiencing some listening issues, but in the case of Q, she’s being a little vindictive. At one point during this blur of a week, I disciplined her for something – I don’t even remember what. A few minutes later, she told me she had to go potty. Even though she’s two, she’s completely able to take herself to the bathroom without supervision. Since she was taking too long on this occasion, I went in to check on her. As soon as she saw me, she said “Hi, Mommy” and then pulled something out from underneath her. She had peed on my glasses. She took them off the counter, held them underneath her, and peed on them. Then held them out to me like she was proud. Even after I cleaned them, I still had a hard time putting them on my face.

I have a feeling I’m really going to have my hands full with her by the time she’s a teenager. Heck, even when she’s a threenager.


Ten Things I Miss about Being a Teenager

Lately, as adult life rears its ugly head again, I have found myself thinking about the things I miss most about being a teenager. I have complied the following list. Feel free to comment and add anything I may have missed that we took for granted at the time, but now wish we could get back.

1. Being able to function on less than 5 hours of sleep.

2. Being able to give the bratty 2 year old back to his own mother.

3. Not having to pay for anything other than the gas in my car.

4. My mom cleaning the house.

5. A MUCH better metabolism.

6. Not having to make time for exercise because basketball practice kicked my ass enough.

7. Being able to watch adult movies instead of the same Disney movie every night for a week.

8. Seeing the other side of 11pm without falling asleep on the sofa.

9. Weekends actually being a thing where you could sleep in and stay in your pjs all day if you wanted to.

10. My uniform. Oh boy do I miss my uniform. I loved not having to think about what I would wear everyday.

Any thing I missed? lol