YCN #3

This article was supposed to be a #TBT about Easter time.

When my son was 11 months old, he scammed me out of $16.19.

We were at the mall and he was holding my hand while walking down the concourse. He was being a good and happy boy and we were having a wonderful time. All the sudden, he saw something that stole his attention. He dropped my hand and ran for it.

When I located him, my son was sitting on the lap of the mall Easter Bunny and the photographer was snapping away. I rushed over and questioned the photographer about what he was doing. He had thought my son was one of the children with the lady in line who had four of her own. The Bunny had just picked up my son, got him ready on his lap, and away they went.

You can tell from my son’s outfit, that I had absolutely no intention of getting his picture taken that day. In all honesty, I am completely embarrassed about these pictures and I almost did not hand them out to family; I did not want a whole bunch of them around my house though either as he did not smile in a single one of them.

I will always remember that Easter as the one that my son helped scam me out of money for a silly mall picture. He must have really, really liked that Bunny to just rush over and want to be picked up into its lap. Once he saw me, he was very proud of himself for what he had done and I could not be upset with that adorable little boy who just wanted to investigate and say, β€œhello.”

This article was accompanied by a photo of MJ sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap with wind blown hair and in a pair of sweatpants. Not a look I would have chosen to have photographed on a normal day. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the picture on my computer to add to this article and I am not sure if the hard copy still exists around the house somewhere. I hope it does.

I Wish They Had a Snooze Button

I am a night owl. I love to stay up late. My college years were perfect – late nights, no classes before 10am. Ever since I became a mother, I have tried to curb this habit as my children get up at ungodly hours and you have to be just as ready to meet the day as they are or you will be sorry.

Not too long ago, I began a job; working on Monday and Friday evenings until midnight. I did not think this would be a big deal, but coming home, winding down, and not getting to sleep until after one, sure makes it hard getting up with the kiddies in the morning. Everything else that is meant to wake you up comes with a snooze function. Too bad they do not come with one too. πŸ™‚


Ever since I can remember, the local Catholic church has had a chicken BBQ on the first Saturday in June. This eventually expanded to include a craft and yard sale as well. It has now blossomed into a wonderful thing called Junefest.

Junefest features a parade, village wide yard sales, a book sale at the library (my favorite stop), bounce house and pony rides at the park, and much more including the church’s BBQ and sale. Then in the evening, there is a great fireworks show that can be seen from our front sidewalk. Today we all got very sunburned and very tired, but we had so much fun. πŸ™‚

Q is old enough now to have baby food (which I make myself). Over the past few days of feeding her, I have noticed something. Every time I hold the spoon out to Q’s mouth, I am opening mine as well. Even when I am aware that I have done it once or twice, I still catch myself doing it again multiple times during each feeding. I wonder if I ever did this with MJ. Lol

Thank You

Over the holiday weekend, we went to PA to visit with CJ’s family. I received a pleasant surprise while there. Turns out his aunt from OH reads my stuff! She asked me all kinds of questions about the articles I write for Yahoo!, about how I got into writing and if I was working on anything else. She was excited to learn about my current WIP and even offered to beta read it for me. It was really great to get such positive feedback about my work. It gave me an extra jolt to work hard to accomplish my goals.

Sure Don’t!

My sister asked if she could come over and pick up some clothes for her son. I told her to warn me when she was on the way and I would come out to meet her so my kids would not be woken up from their naps. She let me know when she was a few minutes away and I went outside to meet her.

As soon as I went out onto the porch, I immediately regretted it. It was in perfect timing to be accosted by a door-to-door salesman peddling $30 car washes. $30! No thanks. That is what the hose in the backyard is for (besides watering the garden that is). He would not take the hint and went through his whole monologue anyway. I used CJ as my excuse for why I would not be making the purchase. The man then asked what time CJ gets home and if he should come back! I told him no. A few times. He finally left.

After he left, my sister pulled into the driveway and I told her how much I hated her for making me deal with the salesman. She just laughed and we talked for a bit, while semi-eavesdropping on the salesman talking to my neighbor. As he was leaving the neighbor’s, unsuccessful in a sale there as well, he saw my sister. He yelled over, “Do you think she’d want one?”
My sister’s reply? “Sure don’t!”

I do not think I have ever seen a salesperson look more offended. He muttered, “Oh, god,” while my sister shot back, “That’s right, oh, god!” and laughed.

I am still shaking my head about it. She sure is something else.

Nap Time

MJ loves his new sister, but ever since she has been home, I find him fighting his naps. I do not know if he is growing out of them or if he just does not want to sleep because he may miss out on something. The other day, after my giving up on putting him down for a nap, I let him go about his business. I knew he was playing with his trains since they make a very distinctive noise as he bangs them together. Shortly after, I heard silence. In a house with a toddler, silence is never a good thing.

I looked where MJ had been and he was not there. I figured I may be able to catch him doing something naughty, so I quietly looked around the house, without calling out his name. I could not find him and was beginning to panic until I realized that I could hear snores from where I was. I followed the noise and located MJ here:

Sleepy boy.

Sleepy boy.

He was inside an end table in the living room with the door shut. Once I found him, I left the door open because I was paranoid he would not be able to breathe in there. He continued his nap in this space for almost an hour. When CJ got home, he was impressed that MJ was able to get comfortable enough to even fall asleep.

He sure is a crazy boy, my MJ, and I love him to bits.

Train Table

For Christmas, MJ got an amazing train table from his grandparents. Yesterday, CJ spent hours putting it together and the boys loved playing with it. This morning, the first thing MJ ran to was his playroom so he could play with his trains some more. Then he pulled a “Godzilla” and decided to really have some fun.

Godzilla and his train village.

Godzilla and his train village.

He completely destroyed his village this morning and had a blast doing it. I do not foresee having a blast cleaning it up πŸ™‚

The “Hole”

My mother has always referred to my father’s side of their bed as “the hole.” This is where he dresses/undresses and there has always been a decent amount of clothing littering the floor in this area. I love CJ, but after having him home for five days in a row for the holiday, he has turned my house into his “hole.”

This morning I found his clothing on the kitchen table, kitchen counter, dining room table, living room sofa, foyer bench, and in the bathroom. I was not even aware that he wore that many different outfits while he was home. Joining his clothes in some of these areas were MJ’s clothes. Wherever the boys happened to be when CJ changed MJ, that is where the clothes stayed (and I was wondering where all MJ’s socks were disappearing to).

It has only been six and a half years. Maybe after a few more, CJ will get the picture about what the hamper is for πŸ™‚